I fell in love with their grey and blue newborn photos when I saw their gallery. While photographing their session I was really excited to see their photos because it was such a fun session. Lovely parents, a smiley and proud big sister, and a sweet and sleepy newborn. What could be better than that?

I knew their photos would be beautiful but even I as the photographer was delighted by their grey and blue newborn photos. For their session, mom and dad selected a classic and beautiful grey and blue colour palette. They matched their outfits perfectly to the colour scheme making for a very cohesive gallery of images. All of their photos will look beautiful together up on their walls!

A wonderful way to start a newborn session is with family photos. Family photos are an excellent way to help older siblings relax and get to know me. I always expect a bit of shyness as my studio is usually a brand new place for my littlest clients. Cuddling up to mom or dad while I chat with them is always a great ice breaker. But in this case, big sister was not very shy with me at all and was happy to be at the studio for photos.

For their family photos, I had my light grey backdrop up and ready for them. Adding in a blue wrap for Baby J made the perfect combination for their grey and blue newborn photos with the family. For their sibling photos big sister was ready for snuggling up to her baby brother. She very sweetly and gently laid her arm on him as he slept away on my fluffy grey rug.

His grey and blue newborn photos 

We continued with grey and blue newborn photos for Baby J’s posing cushion photographs. He was such a good poser and looked so sweet all snuggled up on the fabric.

For his last photo, I set up a special shot for their Custom Newborn Art using a digital backdrop they chose for their baby. I photographed Baby J all curled up on the matching dyed wool and wrapped in a complementary coloured fabric. This photo was the first step in creating their composite piece. When I uploaded his photo to my computer I then combined his photo with the digital backdrop they chose. This created a gorgeous grey and blue newborn photo of Baby J where it looks as if he was asleep in a nest. It was the perfect final photo to complete their beautiful gallery!

Grey and blue newborn photos
Grey and blue newborn photos