A popular newborn session pose is one taken of baby held in their parents’ hands. It’s most often taken on black fabric. The black fabric gives the photos a dramatic look and can even make it appear as if baby is held up in the air by mom or dad. For a more casual look or for variety, I can use my posing cushion with any colour of fabric.

For this cutie’s session, we didn’t include parent and family photos with the more typical portraits. We instead captured their relationship together with adorable photos of their baby in their hands. This has continued to be a popular newborn session pose for many years. Baby I was still so tiny and all curled up on the day of her session. Babies grow so quickly so capturing just how small she is in their hands is a beautiful memento.

Her photos of the popular newborn session pose

I started her session on my cream posing fabric. First I photographed her on her own and in different poses with mom and dad’s hands. Then for the popular newborn session pose I had in mind I draped the posing cushion in black fabric. This gave me just the right backdrop for the first step in creating stunning images of baby nestled in her parents’ hands. I was excited with all of the beautiful photos we were able to capture on black. I couldn’t wait to finish them up on the computer after her session. The photos are absolutely stunning but there is a bit of process to create them. I am always thrilled to see the end product of that popular newborn session pose. These photos are usually the first ones I start editing, I love them so much.

After I finished taking her photos in her parents’ hands I soothed her back to sleep. The next series of photos I had planned was for photos of baby in some of my newborn sized props.

In addition to the popular newborn session pose in hands, her parents also really liked the look of light neutrals for her props and fabrics. I selected some of my favourite white and cream bowls and beds for her photos and matched them with textured but neutral fabrics. She slept for most of her session but as I moved her around near the end of her session she started to rouse. With her awake I was thrilled to be able to photograph her beautiful and wide open eyes. She is such a sweetie and I am so happy for her lovely parents to have welcomed her into their family.

A popular newborn session pose