Her Ottawa Spring blossom maternity photo session was a beautiful way to celebrate this gorgeous mom and her new baby.

We’re treated to a few short days every year to beautiful apple and cherry blossoms in the trees. The blossoms arrive at a slightly different time every year in each location. This can make finding an Ottawa blossoms session location on a specific date quite challenging. It’s especially challenging for blossom maternity photos as the sessions are time sensitive. The beauty of the pretty flowers is always worth the hours of location scouting though!

I especially love the delicate flowers as a backdrop to a maternity session. The pretty blossoms are one of the first hints of Spring and they evoke feelings of new life. They’re perfect for a maternity session that celebrates the upcoming arrival of a new baby.

Her Ottawa Blossom Maternity Photos

This gorgeous mama-to-be is expecting her first baby this Summer. The timing was perfect for an Ottawa blossom maternity photo session! She loved the idea of a session amongst the pretty blossoms as much I did. We picked a tentative date for her session and kept it flexible. Just in case the blossoms arrived a bit earlier or later than expected.

Mom had several beautiful dresses of her own she was considering using for her Ottawa blossom maternity photo session. Knowing the light colours of the blossoms and trees her soft green dress made an ideal choice as her first outfit. She looked incredible in it and the shape hugged her baby bump beautifully.

For her second outfit we chatted back and forth before her session about which gowns she’d like. From her list of favourites, she chose a lace boho inspired white gown from my collection to wear. Against the backdrop of the delicate white blossoms it was an absolutely stunning look. She looked incredibly beautiful in the gown, it was perfect for her Ottawa blossom maternity photo session.

Congratulations to this gorgeous mother to be! I am so excited to meet her whole family at their newborn session and can’t wait to hear their baby news soon.

Ottawa Spring Blossom Maternity Photos
Ottawa Spring Blossom Maternity Photos