His hockey photo session in the studio was our first session without his family included. I see Mr. J and his awesome family every year for photos. But the sessions have always been for either the whole family or with his 3 siblings. We always have an amazing time all together, but I have to say; one-on-one sessions with a teen are pretty special.

Having the entire studio and my camera to himself turned out to be a wonderful idea. Without a spotlight to share this handsome young man’s personality shone even brighter than usual for the camera. We chatted and caught up about life as well as his favourite sport at his hockey photo session in the studio. He has grown up so much since I first started photographing him when he was a tiny boy. The conversations we are able to have now are so much different than even just a couple of years ago. He has a confidence and maturity that was so neat to see and I loved being able to capture it on camera. His sense of humour continues to be something I adore. I’m really happy he was able to let his personality shine through in his photos with so many different expressions.

His Hockey Photo Session in Studio

Incorporating a favourite hobby or sport is always a wonderful idea for a teen or youth session. The activities we enjoy when we’re young are so important to us and for shaping who we become. When Mr. J said he wanted to bring along his hockey goalie gear for some of his photos I was thrilled.

He had lots of great ideas for poses when I asked him to show me what he had for his hockey photo session in the studio. He has such a passion for the sport, it was so great to see him “in action” and photograph him doing something he loves so much.

Hockey Photo Session in Studio
Hockey Photo Session in Studio