This was such a sweet six month milestone session to photograph. Baby A’s session was full of smiles, giggles, and delightful moments between brothers and with his parents. Their session was a wonderful way to start my day!

Baby A had come into the studio for a two month milestone session a few months earlier. This was the first time I’d seen the whole family together though since his newborn session so I was really excited to see them all at their sweet six month milestone session. Watching families grow up and change in those early years is really special. Time flies so quickly when children are this young.

We wanted to capture all of the incredible changes Baby A had made since his last session but also to create lots of family and sibling memories. Both boys must have thought that was a wonderful idea, they were more than happy to play and read together at his sweet six month milestone session. Big brother has taken on his new role very well. He did a great job holding his baby brother, reading to him, and even making him laugh. Watching the two of them together was so much fun, they are absolutely adorable together.

Once the brothers had enjoyed time together sharing stories and a book it was time to share the spotlight with mom and dad.

Family Photos at their sweet six month milestone session

For their family photos they chose to use my light cream backdrop. It was the perfect match to the soft coloured clothing they selected for their outfits.

For their six month milestone family photos we mixed it up between posed and more candid photos. You never need to choose just one style, it’s wonderful to have a combination of both types of photos from a six month milestone session. I also find little ones do really well when there is a mix between candid and posed photos. Little ones’ attention spans can be really short so mixing up posed photos with tickles and cuddles can really help keep toddlers and babies engaged in their session.

The kiddos were having so much fun at their session we continued on with parent photos so each child could have special one-on-one time with mom and dad. The family will treasure these special photos long after the children have grown up. I’m glad we were able to capture so many special memories at Baby A’s sweet six month milestone session!