Family Photos in Ottawa with Tulips were so much fun this year. The tulips in Ottawa are loved by many of us and made the perfect setting for family photos. After many clients requested photos with the pretty flowers I was excited to add Tulip Sessions to my schedule this May.

This year is the 70th Anniversary of the Tulip Festival and the first year in three years that the Festival was held in person. To say that we were all eagerly anticipating this year’s tulips is an understatement!

Scouting the different locations for tulips was a great way to spend early Spring. I spent many hours exploring different parts of central Ottawa and keeping tabs on the development of the shoots. I am much more experienced when it comes to predicting the arrival of the apple and cherry blossoms. This meant I kept an especially close watch on the tulips in the lead up to the family photos in Ottawa with tulips sessions. I was very determined not to miss out on their short blooming time!

The tulips had a slow start when they first to bloom. But once an early May “heat wave” arrived they suddenly caught up. We excitedly got in touch with our clients to let them know that sessions were on. With so much anticipation after two years of festival closures it’s hard to say who was most excited, we couldn’t wait!

Their family photos in Ottawa with the tulips

The tulips were ideal for these Ottawa and flower loving families. The stars of the show at a family session are always the people in the photos but having a tulip backdrop is really special.

The evening of our sessions was a beautiful day in the capital. Warmth, sun, and beautiful flowers had all of us in a wonderful mood for photos. It was lovely to reconnect with and meet such lovely families. We not only captured amazing memories but we also had a wonderful time playing amongst the pretty flowers.

With incredible families like these and a gorgeous Ottawa tulip backdrop it’s safe to say I will be back again. I can’t wait until next year for more of these fun family photo sessions!

Family Photos in Ottawa with Tulips
Family Photos in Ottawa with Tulips