A third birthday photo session is a wonderful way to celebrate turning three. It’s also a perfect opportunity to capture updated family photos and birthday portraits. Look at how much she’s changed since her second birthday session in this post here.

Her last birthday session was squeezed in early, just before a Stay at Home Order. This year we were excited to be able to wait until she turned three for her photos. She looks so much more grown up in just one short year!

We started her third birthday photo session with updated family photos of everyone together. Mom and dad also each had a turn snuggling up to the birthday girl for photos together. When children are small it feels like they’ll always be in your arms. My children are older now so I know it’s such a fleeting stage. I love having photos of myself holding my boys at this same age. I always like to take similar photos for my clients because I know that they’ll treasure the photos too one day.

Her Third Birthday Photo Session

When it was time to turn the focus onto Miss A she was so excited. I think it might have had something to do with all of the fun balloons we had filled the studio with. When it’s your third birthday there is nothing more fun than a pile of balloons to play with.

Mom and dad had chosen one of my new fun toddler backdrops for her birthday portraits. The giant red, pink, and white heart was perfect for a little girl who loves to play with balloons. Adding in some fun balloons to hold and sit amongst made the third birthday photo session even more playful for her.

At the end of the session Miss A had a quick outfit change. She had a black tulle dress that she was really excited to show me. It was the perfect way to end her fun third birthday photo session!