This late April Ottawa newborn session included photos of the beautiful baby girl on the posing cushion and in props.

For clients who would like a newborn session focused on just baby my Memories Newborn Session is a great choice. This session is one hour long and can include both photos of baby ‘in props’ as well as ‘on the posing cushion’.

For this sweet little one’s late April Ottawa newborn session her parents chose a pretty selection of prop types and posing fabric colours. Because all clients have different preferences in terms of style I keep a large collection of newborn props, fabrics, and accessories in the studio. Before every session we ask parents to tell us more about the photos that are important to them. We also ask for them to choose fabric colours, prop types (e.g. wooden, metal, etc.), and accessories. Some clients prefer to leave all of the decisions in my hands as well and that’s totally fine. I’m happy to take the lead in styling a newborn session if that’s what the parents would like. We love planning sessions!

Her late April Ottawa newborn session

Baby D was only nine days old when she came into the studio for her newborn photos. She could not have been any cuter with her round cheeks and sweet little face.

Mom brought along with her to the late April Ottawa newborn session one of Baby D’s own swaddles. While I have a large collection of fabrics and accessories to use it can also be nice to photograph baby with their own special items. It’s lovely to have a beautiful photo of baby with a special blanket, hat, or toy. Baby can then keep both that special item as well as the photos as a wonderful memento from when they were small.

Baby D was a cuddly little one and nestled so sweetly onto the posing cushion for her photos. She was happy to comfortably sleep as I moved her from pose to pose. Different poses helped to show off all of her little details to the camera.

When it was time to photograph her in my newborn props she started to wake up. This meant that I was able to photograph her beautiful and bright eyes in addition to her sleepy photos. Her late April Ottawa newborn session was an absolute joy. I’m so happy to have been able to help capture this lovely family’s very special memories of the time when their baby was small.

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