Puddle jumping photo sessions are one of the most fun things I’ve done all year. What an incredible way to spend an April morning!

I’m glad that so many of my clients agree that jumping, splashing, and playing is what puddles are for. We had an incredible time at these fun puddle jumping photo sessions. And now their families have beautiful photos of their children to display and share with their family and friends.

As we all know time flies right by when you have children. I love capturing posed portraits of families and children but it’s important to also capture those special candid moments. Photographs are excellent at evoking memories and emotions. This makes capturing your children’s joy and fun in their everyday play so important. When I look back at our family photos from when my children were young I find those candid playful shots such a wonderful reminder of their younger years.

On the day of their puddle jumping photo session

All of the children came prepared for some serious fun on the day of their puddle jumping photo sessions. Rain jackets, splash pants, colourful rubber boots and umbrellas were all in tow. Some kiddos even brought water friendly toys to try to float in my giant puddle. For these fun sessions there are no limits to the possibilities!

Our younger friends were the most surprised by the size of my giant puddle. It was much bigger than they had encountered before and seemed a bit surprised we were encouraging them to splash. Once the initial surprise wore off though I had the best puddle splashers in front of me.

At their puddle jumping photo sessions the children all seemed to have a different priority. For some it was finding a way to make their umbrella float and for others it was to see how high they could jump. And for some children their main interest was seeing if their splashes could reach their parents! I hope their parents brought dry clothes for themselves to change into as well!

Puddle Jumping Photo Sessions
Puddle Jumping Photo Sessions