He did not want to miss out at his Ottawa newborn baby session!

Oftentimes an entire newborn session is held without even a glimpse of baby’s eyes. That was definitely not the case for this bright eyed and curious boy. He was not interested in snoozing the day away and I was totally fine with that. We were lucky to capture so many different facial expressions during our session together.

I couldn’t believe how much big sister had changed since our last session when it was just the three of them. Now she’s graduated to big sister status and couldn’t be prouder of her newborn baby brother. She is going to be a great help with her brother once she’s a little older. She is already so much in love with him.

We started his Ottawa newborn baby session with family photos of the four of them together. I had thought Mr. A was about to drift off in his mother’s arms when we started the session. I bundled baby up in one of my wraps so that he was nice and comfy. At the time it looked as though just a warm snuggle from mom was all it was going to take for him to fall asleep. But he surprised us all by opening up his eyes for all of his photos with his family.

His turn to shine at his Ottawa newborn baby session

Once everyone had a chance to snuggle up with their new family member we turned the focus of their Ottawa newborn baby session to Mr. A. For his individual newborn photos, his parents chose a beautiful colour palette of green, yellow, and cream. Mom and dad loved the look of photos on my fluffy cream flokati so I started posing Baby A on it first. It was the perfect backdrop for capturing close up detail shots of all of his tiny little features.

As I then posed him on my posing cushion with rich green and yellow fabrics he really perked up and treated my camera to the most incredible array of facial expressions. For such a new little guy to this world he is very alert and aware. Welcome to the world little one!

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