Puddle photo fun in Ottawa: what could be more fun than splashing around in a giant puddle?

These fun new sessions were one of the most requested session types last year. They ended up being so popular they sold out in 10 minutes! I think we were all ready for a splashing fun time this Spring.

After a long Winter stomping and playing in puddles brings so much joy to toddlers and children. Recreating that childhood thrill so that we could capture it on camera for their families became my new goal this Spring. I was so excited once I had found a way to make these sessions work whether it would be raining or sunny outside at the time of sessions.

Ready for puddle photo fun in Ottawa

The children that came to see me for a Puddle Session were definitely ready for a fun time. They brought colourful raingear, fun umbrellas, and even combined rainbow tutus and soccer jerseys. Their spirit of adventure was incredible and just what these special sessions call for.

Puddle Photo Sessions in Ottawa aren’t for posed ‘looking at the camera and smiling’ images.  The focus was to be on creating playful and candid photos. Photos of jumping, dancing and playing in the water was what all of our clients were at their session for.

At the start of every session most of the kiddos were a little bit bewildered. While they knew what their session was about they were still surprised by how large the puddle was when they saw it. When you’re a child in Ottawa it’s not every day that you get permission to go in such a large puddle and splash as much as you want.

After just a moment of hesitation these pro puddle stompers were well on their way to creating whitewater. We jumped, we danced, and we even kicked water at mom and dad. I have a strong feeling that puddle photo fun in Ottawa was a highlight of these children’s Aprils. I know it was a highlight for me and I hope to be back splashing around in the puddles again soon.

Puddle photo fun in Ottawa
Puddle photo fun in Ottawa