I was so happy this special birthday session could take place in my Navan studio this year!

I was there the day this little girl was born to capture her birth. Every year since that incredible day I have photographed Miss L on her birthday.

The last couple of years we have had to become creative on her birthday. With pandemic lockdowns taking place for her last two birthdays we had met up virtually for her traditional birthday photos. We have always had a special family session either before or after the lockdown. But this year I was thrilled that their session could take place on her actual birthday.

For her special birthday session we started off our session as we do every year with family photos. Updated family photos at the same time every year is a wonderful way to capture children’s changes and growth.

First special birthday session in my studio

This was their first family session since I’d moved to my new studio. The children were so excited to see the new space as they had been coming to my old studio for many years. When clients come into the new space they’re always in just as much disbelief as I am with how many props and furniture I have. Most of my items were squirreled away in storage before moving to Navan but this larger space means everything is out and ready for my clients. After a quick studio tour it was time to start the photos and fun.

I was excited to use my new antique yellow bench which was ideal for photos on the blue backdrop they wanted to use. The outfits they chose were perfect for matching with both my bold blue backdrop and my airy white room set.

After we photographed each of the kiddos and the family together it was time for the birthday girl to shine. She chose the most fun 6 year old birthday girl outfit ever! What could be better than bright pink, sparkles, and lace?

She was so excited to tell me about all of their fun plans for the day as I photographed her for her 6 year old portraits. Their day sounded like so much fun that I wish I could’ve come along with them. I was lucky enough though to enjoy a fun time in the studio with them for her special birthday session. I’m so glad that our special birthday photo session tradition is finally back!