I love how these simple, yet stylish, maternity photos turned out for this stunning expectant mother. Many of my clients book a maternity session just for themselves and focused 100% on the parent-to-be.

I find that these solo sessions can be a wonderful way to celebrate the relationship you have with baby before they’re even born. It’s also a beautiful memento from this special, yet fleeting, time in your life. Pregnancy can feel so long at times. But once baby arrives it’s incredible how quickly it seems to have passed by. I love helping parents hang on to these beautiful moments long after baby has arrived and grown up.

Her simple yet stylish maternity photos

For this gorgeous mama-to-be we started her session in her own stylish black dress for classic silhouettes. The fitted black dress against the bright light was perfect for capturing the beautiful shape of her body and baby. Silhouettes are one of my favourite types of images to include in a maternity session. Playing with shadows and lighting to create elegant photos is not only creative for me but it’s also one of my most popular client requests. I am always thrilled when my maternity clients ask for these special shots!

My cocoa full sweep backdrop was perfect for simple, yet stylish maternity photos in mom’s fitted black dress. I chose poses for her that were very serene to fit the style of her dress and backdrop. Mom was incredible, the emotion and feelings we captured in her photos are compelling.

For a much different look, mom changed into a white sleeved gown from my studio collection. While a much different than her black dress it was also gave a simple, yet stylish look to her maternity photos. This gown was a beautiful choice for her and look amazing with her dark hair. I paired this light coloured gown with my white room set for a beautiful monochromatic look. Before wrapping up her session I photographed her again with the bright white light that I had used for her silhouettes. With the dreamy white light and an all white gown her beautiful photos have an ethereal look that I just love.