Navan Market Photo Popup

Opening my photography studio in Navan was an incredible opportunity for my business. It was also a homecoming. We lived in Navan from the time I was 4 to the age of 18. I attended Meadowview Public School (now Heritage Public School). I spent my Summers counting down the days until the Navan Fair.

What: On July 24th, I will have a Flower themed photo booth at the Navan Market. I’m excited to announce, I will be available to take photos throughout the day. Thankfully, photos will go ahead rain or shine!

Who: It is for anyone attending the Navan Market. The backdrop is big enough for 2 adults and 3 children OR 3 adults.

Adults and older children can sit on the bench. Younger children and babies can sit on the flooring I will set up for the backdrop.

Where: The Original Navan Market, 1279 Colonial Rd, Navan, ON K4B 1N1

The Sara McConnell Photography Tent is located at D28 near the domes

When: Sunday, July 24th from 10 am to 3 pm


What does it cost?

Each different grouping of people costs $30+HST.

After the event, the unedited images are uploaded into a viewing gallery. The images you select are lightly edited and retouched. E.g., temporary skin blemishes, even colour across all images. Additional images are available for purchase.

How do we get our photos?

Access to the image galleries will be sent via email while your final images will be sent via Dropbox.

Do we have to book a time slot?

You don’t! Photos will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Are they photography mini sessions?

The Navan Market Photo Popup Event isn’t mini sessions or a replacement for a photo session. The Popup Event is an opportunity for families to have a beautiful high resolution digital image they can print and share online.

Can my dog be in the photo with us?

This is a great opportunity to include your four legged family member in a photo.

What if I have questions about your Navan Market photo popup?

Please send us an email at or through my website.