Five month milestone sessions are wonderful for capturing the growth, changes, and development baby has made since their newborn session.

I met Baby N at his newborn session when he was just one week old. He was a sleepy, tiny, and all curled up newborn the last time I’d seen him. I was curious to see what he’d look like as babies change so much in those first few months after birth. It’s so incredible how much they change that it’s always a surprise when parents bring their baby into the studio. I will never not be blown away by how quickly that first year of a baby’s life goes by!

For his five month milestone session Baby N wore a simple and comfy outfit. Simple helped to keep all of the focus on him and his adorableness. We kept with the simple for his backdrops and selected neutral greys and whites in the backdrops, flooring, and fabric. Because we knew what he’d be wearing for his photos I had everything ready for Baby N before he arrived.

At his five month milestone session

Five month olds can be a little unpredictable so I like to be ready to photograph them as soon as they arrive for their milestone session. Little ones can tire quickly when they’re in a new setting so there is no waiting around when it’s time for photos.

Baby N was a darling to photograph at his five month milestone session. He was happy for me to chat with him and gave me lots of big grins in between curious looks around the studio. There are lots of exciting things to look at in the studio when you’re five months old and taking the whole world in.

Once I had photographed Baby N laying on his back mom put him on his belly. Being on his belly let him show off all of his strength and neck control. I wonder if he’ll be crawling by the next time I see him. He’s only five months old but he’s well on his way!