A second birthday photo session is a wonderful way to spend a morning!

This cutie is thrilled to be celebrating turning two years old. He was so much fun and was full of excitement to be in my studio. Most toddlers have a healthy sense of apprehension when they walk into a new setting. I don’t take it personally but I do like to give a bit of space to toddlers when they come into the studio.

Once Mr. A had checked me and and his surroundings out he must have decided I was alright because it was all fun and games from then on. He was particularly excited when I brought out my little wooden truck for him. Check out his smiles as he rolled and drove it around the set. Candid, playful photos are perfect for capturing children as they are when they’re still so little.

Capturing that playful spirit is one of the reason I offer balloons at my second birthday photo sessions. I’ve never met a toddler who doesn’t love to play and hold balloons!

Preparing for his second birthday photo session

In the lead up to his session we made a plan to include two of my toddler sized backdrops. I love these backdrops because they mean I can offer a large selection of fun looks for babies, toddlers, and children up to the age of six. At a More Memories Session for the birthday child we’re also able to include two different sets. That makes it easier to choose as we all have more than one favourite backdrop!

For Mr. A’s second birthday photos his parents selected a yellow and blue dots backdrop for a festive and fun look. They also selected a more classic plain blue backdrop for his portraits. The two different backdrops made for a wonderful variety of looks in his photos.

When Mr. A showed up for his second birthday photo session in his dapper button-up and suspenders I was overwhelmed by the cuteness. He rocked the outfit as well as his session and looked absolutely adorable!