Posing cushion newborn sessions are classic and adorable. The sessions are perfect for capturing a newborn baby’s tiny little details and all of their unique features. The posing cushion is a flexible piece of newborn photography gear. I’m able to use it in so many different ways and with so many different poses. The fabric colours and accessories I then add to the cushion makes it an entirely customizable backdrop for baby’s photos. Parents love selecting their favourite fabric colours and accessories when we’re planning their sessions. All of the different options I have available in studio mean no two posing cushion newborn sessions are the same.

In the planning I always ask if there are particular types of poses the parents would like but often those choices are guided by baby. Babies are all born with their own preferences and physiology. I’ve learned over many years of offering newborn sessions that all babies have different positions they prefer. By watching them nestle into my posing cushion I usually quickly find out if baby has a favourite side to lay on or where they like to place their hands and feet.

Her very own posing cushion newborn session

I had met this sweet little one’s parents just weeks before at their maternity session. I was thrilled to hear that their little one would be coming for her own posing cushion newborn session. When mom brought her into the studio and we took her out of her car seat I was in awe of her beautiful, thick hair. She already has so much hair and the dark colour was striking against the light colours her parents had chosen for her posing cushion photos. I pulled out a couple of extra headbands for her, she had amazing hair that I wanted to accentuate.

As I nestled and posed her on the different colours of fabrics she let me soothe her back to sleep. She didn’t mind at all being nestled into a variety of different positions. I just had to keep my hands on her until she would settle. She was then happy to snooze away on my posing cushion while I photographed her with the different props her parents had brought for her session. She was a pleasure to have in the studio, what a wonderful way to spend a morning!

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