A couple’s studio maternity session is a great way to spend an evening. It was wonderful to meet this lovely couple and help them capture this exciting time in their lives. They can’t wait to meet their baby soon. I’m thrilled to have been able to help create these special mementos from their pregnancy for them.

Before we met up for their couple’s studio maternity session we took care of all of the planning. Sessions are so much fun when we have all of the poses, backdrops, and outfit decisions taken care of ahead of time. I love taking care of all of the details to ensure sessions are relaxed and stress-free for my cilents.

Prior to their session these parents-to-be let us know their prefernces for style and poses so that I could make a plan for a session that included just what they were looking for. The gorgeous mom-to-be also opted to use gowns from my studio maternity collection. Once we knew her favourites we were able to make suggestions for just the right gowns for the look she had in mind.

On the day of their couple’s studio maternity session

On the day of their couple’s studio maternity session I set up the studio backdrops and lighting. With the two very different gowns mom had chosen I had two very different looks in mind for their backdrops.

For her first gown, mom had selected to wear my long sleeved teal maternity gown. The richness of the teal and the form fitting shape make it a gorgeous gown for maternity photos. When I saw her in the gown I knew it was just the right choice, she looked absolutely stunning. With dad in a nice charcoal shirt I matched their outfits with the blue backdrop. Teal on blue is one of my favourite colour combinations and something they really liked the look of.

For the second look at their couple’s studio maternity session mom changed into another rich coloured gown. The new burgundy gown has quickly become the most popular gown for my maternity clients. I love it’s loose, romantic sleeves coupled with a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt. The shape is wonderful for showing off the beauty of an expectant parent’s shape.

I matched the burgundy gown with my light grey, full sweep backdrop. The neutral greys and the rich burgundy was a beautiful colour combination. Keeping the colour to just mom’s gown also helped to make her pop against the backdrop.