Family and newborn photography sessions are one of my favourite ways to spend my time. Being there in those early days after a brand new baby arrives to photograph a family together is really special. The first days and weeks of a baby’s life go by in a blur and a blink of an eye. Between sleepless nights, dozens of feeds a day, and new routines it’s hard to remember this time.

It’s an honour to be there for my clients and help them freeze these moments in time. I’m almost as excited as my clients at their sessions because of how special it is to help them capture their joy and love.

For this lovely couple and their two son’s family and newborn photography session we met at my Navan studio. For newborn sessions with siblings I like to start with any of the photos that the big brothers or sisters are in. I always keep my sessions fun and entertaining but I know that siblings have lots of other things they want to get back to.

Baby B’s older brother was an incredible help at their family and newborn photography session. I totally understand when siblings are a little unsure around their new sibling at first and I am prepared for that. This big brother though seemed to be a pro from the start. Holding his baby brother was something he was excited about and the photos of them together turned out adorably. He is going to be a great help with his younger sibling!

Mom and Dad took turns cuddling up with their sweet baby boy for photos together as well. I’m so glad we included candid photos of Baby B with his parents, the way they look at him is so full of love.

Family and newborn photography for baby

Once their family photos were finished it was time for little Mr. B’s newborn photography. For his portraits, mom and dad opted to use my posing cushion as the backdrop. The posing cushion can be draped with practically any colour of fabric making it extremely versatile.

For his posing cushion fabric we used both a light blue as well as a cream fabric. With his hair showing an adorable tinge of red the colours complemented him beautifully. I was as excited to see his final photos from his family and newborn photography session as much as his parents were!

I settled him onto the posing cushion in a variety of different poses so that I could capture all of his tiny details. He snoozed away for most of the session but as I dressed him in his outfit he woke up so I was able to capture his bright eyes looking at me. I know he’s too young but it almost looked as if he was smiling at me. What a sweetheart! Congratulations to this lovely family on his arrival, he is absolutely perfect.

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Ottawa Family and newborn photography
Ottawa Family and newborn photography
Ottawa Family and newborn photography