Cake smash first birthday photography sessions are a wonderful way to celebrate turning one.

Sweet baby A first came into the studio for her newborn session last March. Check out how much she has grown in one short year by looking at her newborn session here.

A studio first birthday session was an amazing way to celebrate her first incredible first year.

Mom had selected a beautiful colour palette for all of their outfits in light pastels. The colours were perfect for my white room set in my new studio. We used their wardrobe choices as inspiration for Miss A’s cake smash first birthday floral backdrop as well. The soft and pretty colours all worked so well together and made me look forward to the Spring.

With the girls growing and changing so much over the last year we included family photos in their session. When your children are little and growing so quickly it’s nice to have updated family photos taken at least once a year. Those little arms wrapped around your neck as you hold them very quickly become hands held as they stand on their own.

Their cake smash first birthday session was also a great opportunity for photos of the three girls together and individually. They were all so excited to be in the studio and full of giggles and smiles. We’ve had so many sessions together that they knew we were going to be focused on fun. Knowing a cake smash was coming up soon certainly helped the good mood too!

Time for a cake smash first birthday session

For Miss A’s cake smash first birthday session her parents brought a delicious looking buttercream cake for her. The best part about a cake smash for a first birthday is watching baby’s expressions as they realize what is happening. Miss A looked surprised at first to be given such a large cake to herself. She then had her curiosity piqued by the cake and started to poke at it. With her family’s encouragement she tasted the sweet icing very delicately and carefully. While she munched away she still looked a little uncertain about it but her sisters were keen to help. They passed her pieces to eat and enjoyed a little taste of their own in celebration. Happy birthday Miss A, I hope you enjoyed your special day!