A bright Ottawa Winter session was an amazing way to start my afternoon one day this February.

It was much warmer the last time we had met up for an outdoor family session but everyone was all smiles. A fresh and fluffy snowfall was welcomed for it’s beauty but also for it’s play value. Fresh snow is nature’s greatest toy for children of all ages!

This fun loving family wanted a joyful and celebratory feel to their Winter session. The colourful outfits they selected were perfect for helping to create that feeling and look in their photos. Their smiling faces and enthusiastic spirits also helped to make this a bright Ottawa Winter session to remember.

In Ottawa we have several months of Winter and snow. For many families this is a favourite time of year to get outside and enjoy their Winter pastimes together. For families that don’t mind colder temperatures and love getting outside all year I think a Winter session is ideal. Ottawa is really well known for it’s amount of snow it receives each year. Embracing the beauty and joy of Winter is the best way to experience our city.

A bright Ottawa Winter session on the trail

When we met up on a snowy Ottawa trail for their photography session I started taking their family photos. Leading up to their session we had already discussed what types of photos they’d like from their session so we were ready to go right from the start. I will photograph sessions at almost any temperature but when it’s Winter we don’t want to stand around and wait. We kept moving and active throughout the session to make sure everyone could stay warm and happy. We also included lots of family cuddles in their poses. Their cuddly family shots not only helped keep everyone warm but they’re also some of my favourites from their session. They must have so much fun together as a family!

All of the children had turns by themselves for photos with just mom and just dad. When you have siblings it’s extra special when you have one-on-one time with your parents. Have photos to celebrate your individual relationships is extra special too. The kids running back and forth for their turns also helped to keep them warm. In the hot Summer months I plan for less activity to keep everyone cool. In the Winter I set up sessions differently so that there’s lots of opportunities for movement.

Last but not least at their bright Ottawa Winter session was the children’s individual portraits. They had already changed so much since I’d seen them in the Fall so updated portraits were a must. Thinking ahead to displaying their photos I also love that they have a gorgeous and cohesive collection of photos. I hope when they look at their photos they remember all of the fun times they shared in Ottawa’s snowy Winters.

Bright Ottawa Winter Session