Newborn Photography for Six: This Ottawa area family was so excited to meet their newest family member. I couldn’t wait to help capture all of their excitement for their new baby girl. They were so much fun to have in the studio, their excitement and joy was contagious!

For families with several children already I always plan the newborn session flow even more carefully than usual. I think out every pose ahead of time to make the process as fun and as smooth as possible. Siblings are often very excited about their new baby but they can also be dealing with a lot of feelings. Planning for a smooth flow, but also having a Plan B, C, and maybe even a Plan D ensures everyone has an enjoyable newborn photography session. That way I can also be sure to capture lots of gorgeous photos from this very special time.

For this lovely family’s newborn session all the older siblings were thrilled to be in the studio for their session. They were amazing helpers and were all keen to cuddle up to their sweet baby sister for photos. Newborn photography for six family members means there was lots of turn taking for photos with baby. Baby M did not mind one bit being passed from arm to arm for her photos. She was such a sleepy and cuddly little one for her session.

The big brothers and sister were able to go home once they finished their photos. They told me they had big plans for fun with grandma and a special treat awaiting them. They did such a great job, I hope they enjoyed their post session treat!

Newborn Photography for Six: Baby M’s newborn photos

Once all of the family photos were finished I turned my camera to the adorable star of the show. Mom and dad were able to rest and relax as Baby M snoozed away and I started to pose her for her newborn photography photos.

With baby content to sleep away I settled her into poses on different colours of posing cushion fabric. Mom and dad has pre-selected a pretty colour palette of pink, light blue and white fabrics. I matched delicate complementary accessories that looked adorable but still kept all of the focus on her sweet little face. While baby M was sleeping soundly away on the posing cushion I took the opportunity to capture her in just the right position for her composite photos. You would never guess the beautiful photos of her on the floral bed or hanging from the wreath were taken while she safely snoozed away on my posing cushion.

Newborn photography with photos taken of baby in props is a wonderful way to capture just how tiny baby is. Inspired by the family of six’s wardrobe choices and their session selections I chose several props and layers of fabrics. Baby M was asleep when I started posing her in all of the props I had set up for her. By the time I was ready for photographing her in the last prop this sweet little girl decided it was finally time to wake up. I captured her wide eyed stare into my camera as she woke up and looked around.

She is absolutely perfect and I am so happy for her family to have welcomed her into the world!

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Newborn Photography for Six
Newborn Photography for Six