In 2021 we sent out a survey requesting client feedback on 2022 session themes and locations.  As is the case every year, there were dozens of requests for Spring Flower Sessions!

If you want to book a Spring Flower Session (Tulips, Blossoms, Wildflowers), please read all the details carefully. While beautiful, Spring Flowers are notoriously fickle. We are entirely dependent on Mother Nature’s cooperation, which means:

  • Your session date and time are tentative. As we get closer to your session date, we’ll be able to confirm that the flowers will bloom as expected. With the early melt this Spring, we are hopeful that the flowers will bloom on their usual schedule.
  • Your exact session location (e.g., address) will be sent to you the day before the session. As the flowers near peak blooms, we will keep you updated about the ‘short list’ of locations (e.g., east, central). These sessions require that I scout well over a dozen different locations to determine where the best blooms and light are. I also need locations that are safe, accessible, and have nearby parking. We want to make sure we have beautiful blooms and not wilted petals!
  • There is a small possibility that we might have to move your session up or back by a week, depending on Mother Nature. Sometimes the flowers bloom much earlier or later than anticipated. In the past we’ve been able to find alternate locations when this happens but we always give clients a ‘heads up’ that this is a possibility.

If you love flowers and don’t mind the possibility of “no guarantees”, read on for more details!

How do I book a session?

Booking is available online in the boutique.

If your plans change, can we change our session time?

Before booking your session, please ensure your partner and family members are all available for the date and time you have selected as well as the back-up date.  Unlike other service appointments (e.g., spa, hair salon, massage), several hours of planning is involved prior to your session taking place.  For this reason, it is not possible to change your session date and time once your session has been booked. 

Do I have to pay for my session fee in full?

A session deposit is required to secure your session. The balance for your session is paid the week your session is scheduled to take place. 

What are the session options?

All Spring Flower Sessions are limited edition sessions that are 15 minutes in length ($350+HST). These sessions include 5 edited and retouched digital images of your choice in colour and 3 complimentary gift prints. 

What types of Spring Flower Sessions are you offering?

Tulip Sessions

  • It’s the 70th Anniversary of the Tulip Festival: the perfect time for a family or maternity session with these iconic flowers.
  • Let’s set ourselves up for session success! The locations near the tulip flowerbeds are often busy and near paths and the QE parkway. If your child is easily distracted or has difficulty staying close to you, this may not be the best choice for your family. As always, I do my best to choose quiet locations.
  • The sessions were scheduled on weeknights to avoid the busiest times at the flower beds.
  • As the flowers are close to the ground, most of the poses will be seated (not standing).
  • Scheduled for Monday, May 9th (back up May 10th). You must be available on both dates.
  • Scheduled for Wednesday, May 11th (back up May 12th). You must be available on both dates.
  • Sessions will take place at a location in Central Ottawa (not Dow’s Lake).
  • You may be required to pay for parking to access the location, depending on where the most beautiful flower beds are.

Blossom Sessions

  • Apple and cherry blossoms are the perfect pink and white floral backdrop!
  • Let’s set ourselves up for session success! There are often many bees in the blossoms while we are shooting. If your child is scared of insects or bees, this may not be the best session choice for your family.
  • As the flowers are up in the trees, most of the poses are standing (small children will be held so they are closer to the flowers).
  • Scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th (back up May 18th). You must be available on both dates.
  • Scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th (back up May 26th). You must be available on both dates.
  • Sessions will take place in Central or East Ottawa. We will provide the specific location (e.g., address) the day before your session, to ensure the blossoms haven’t wilted, and will be able to provide the general location a week in advance (e.g., east, central). Not all trees bloom every year, or at the same time, which is why choosing a location for these sessions is so tricky.

Wildflower Sessions

  • Beautiful purple and/or white Spring Wildflowers, surrounded by greenery
  • Let’s set ourselves up for session success! We go where we find the flowers, which sometimes means we are near wooded areas where there is long grass and insects. If these types of environments make any members of your family uncomfortable, these may not be the best sessions for you. The flowers are often found near hilly terrain or uneven paths. If you have concerns about mobility or walking to the location, please contact us before booking the location.
  • Scheduled for Wednesday, June 1st (back up June 2nd). You must be available on both dates.
  • Sessions will take place in Central Ottawa.

Who can come to our session?

Spring Flower Sessions are for immediate family members only (parents and their children). 

What happens if it’s raining on the day of our session?

Each date of sessions has a corresponding back up date. Clients must be available for both dates.

What are your safety protocols?

We will remain at least 6 feet apart for the duration of the session.  As always, our enthusiasm and excitement will bridge the distance, I promise. 

What is your session illness policy?

As clients are unmasked for the duration of their session, sessions will be postponed if anyone in your household is sick at the time of your session.

All clients will complete a screening questionnaire before their session to protect everyone’s health and safety.