Milk Bath Birthday Photography Sessions are offered in my Navan studio. Families in Ottawa looking for a fun but unique first birthday session love milk bath sessions. Bath sessions are fun for babies and offer a beautiful way to capture candid moments of your child playing. The possibilities for accessories, themes and props in the bath are endless.

I love the parents’ creativity for this sweet little boy’s first birthday session. They knew their baby would love a ‘milk and cookies’ bath which made it the perfect idea for their session.

We started baby E’s milk bath birthday photography session as we have for all three of his previous Baby’s First Year Sessions with updated family photos. As baby grows over their first year it’s incredible to see all of the changes in their interactions with their family. Snuggles and cuddles from the newborn stage turn to peek a boos and story time together.

After everyone had a turn taking photos with the birthday boy it was time to put the focus on little Mr. E. Favourite toys or books are something I always recommend bringing to a birthday photography session. It’s something I suggest for a first, second, third, or even tenth birthday! Including favourite items is a great way to remember forever who your child was at that age.

Mom brought out Baby E’s favourite book and it was obvious how much he loved it. It was fun watching him find his favourite pages of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and put his fingers in the holes. His excitement was absolutely adorable!

Milk Bath Birthday Photography

Near the end of the session, we set up a warm milk bath for him and set up a pile of delicious cookies in front of it. It didn’t take him very long to realize how delicious this special milk bath was! He just loved sitting in the tub enjoying his delicious birthday treat. Happy birthday little one, I hope you had a wonderful day!

Milk Bath Birthday Photography