Navan Dog Photography Session: One of the questions I hear most from my clients is: “do you photograph dogs?”. I absolutely photograph dogs! Including my clients’ furry family members in their sessions brings not only my clients a tonne of joy but myself as well. I’m known more for baby whispering and toddler wrangling but my repertoire of dog calls is also quite impressive.

I have locations I keep in mind for my families that would like to include dogs in their family session. There are certain places that don’t allow for animals but there are also things that make locations ideal for dogs. I have a lot of experience with dog ownership and now have an active young pup of my own. Safety and a stress free location for our furry friends are my main concerns when location scouting.

For this family session we met up on a trail in the east end of Ottawa. Having grown up in this area and needing to keep my own dog well exercised I know these trails well. The family spends a lot of time in the woods with their dogs, being in a treed area was perfect. We also wanted somewhere close to where they parked their vehicle as their older dogs don’t tolerate the cold as well as they used to.

It was rather chilly on the day of their February session but we all dressed warmly. Winter sessions in Ottawa are beautiful with all of the white snow so it’s worth bundling up.

Navan Dog Photography Session Planning

Before their photography session we made a plan to include all the different photos that were important to them. In the lead up to sessions I send all of my clients an online questionnaire. This way my clients can easily share with me the photos that are important to them. When it’s particularly cold outside I think having a plan in place is especially important. As soon as we all arrived on the trail we were able to keep moving as I photographed them.

I had such a special session with this lovely family and their beautiful dogs in. Photographing the five of them enjoying time together as they do every day was a joy. The wonderful memories of them all together is something they will treasure forever.