Four Ottawa Baby’s First Years: I have photographed this lovely’s family’s four sons every four months for the first year of all of their lives. I have loved capturing all of their first years from behind my camera. This session was for their fourth son’s 8th month milestone session as a part of his Baby’s First Year Package.

Baby’s First Year Packages include three sessions during baby’s first year to celebrate their changing personality and milestones. Sessions can be for babies with their family and siblings or they can be all about baby. Just like for handsome Mr. E’s 8th month milestone session!

Look at how much he has changed already since his 4th month session! Four months in a baby’s life goes by so quickly because they change so much in that time. When he was four months old Baby E was just starting to grin and push up on his belly. To help babies sit up at four months of age I typically place babies in props to give them some support. At 8 months of age Mr. E no longer needed a prop to sit up! He was able to sit up all by himself and show off how much strength he had developed since our last session together.

I was thrilled to see that his big grin had come along with him to his session again. He thought I was hilarious at his session and he treated my camera to lots of happy smiles.

Four Ottawa Baby’s First Years: Outfit Selection

After Four Ottawa Baby’s First Years Packages mom and dad are pros at selecting outfits for their boys’ sessions. For his milestone photos Baby E wore a variety of classic and adorable knits ideal for a Winter session. My favourite outfit has to be the striped sweater as all of his brothers wore it at their own session. The photos of their four sons in the same sweater at the same age will always be a special memento for mom and dad.