Ottawa Headshot Photography: Sessions for professionals who need headshots or branding photos are offered in my Ottawa studio. Every headshot and branding client has different goals for their session so every gallery of photos is unique.

It was fun to see this husband-wife duo in the studio at the same time for their own Ottawa headshot photography sessions. They each had different things in mind for their sessions so we planned their photos separately. We did take advantage of their back-to-back sessions for a couple shots of them together though.

Before a headshot session it’s important that I know as much as possible about the purpose of your headshots. What kind of platform will the photos be used on? What image would you like to present? Do you have a particular audience in mind for your headshots? Even knowing what kind of clothing you’d like to wear helps me put together a personalized headshot session.

Ottawa Headshot Photography Session Options

I offer two different headshot sessions for my clients. One choice is a quick 10 minute option that’s perfect for professionals who need just a few updated headshots for a new role or career. 

The second option is my ‘Get to Know Me’ Headshot Photography Session. This 30 minute session is what this duo chose for their sessions. The longer session is ideal for professionals who need a variety of different looks for their headshots. It’s also great for those who want to change up their headshots across different platforms or over time.

It’s incredible how much headshot variety is possible in just a 30 minute session!

I see this fun couple’s family several times a year for family and child sessions. This was the first time they came on their own for a session without the kids which made it a much different session experience. I was thrilled to hear they had lunch plans together after their sessions. When you both need updated headshots, why not book an Ottawa Headshot Photography Session at the same time together and make it a date? And don’t forgot to hit up the local café on your way home!

Ottawa Headshot Photography