Snowy Ottawa Forest Maternity Session: There are many gorgeous Winter backdrops in Ottawa but this special forest is one of my favourites for a maternity session. I was at the same location in the Fall for a birthday session and was excited to come back in the Winter. I knew once the leaves fell and the snow blanketed the ground that there would be new beauty to discover!

A maternity session is a chance to capture all of the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. I will never tire of highlighting the beauty and wonder of this experience. A mother glows with excitement and radiates love when she is expecting. When I photograph the beauty of the mother’s body I also capture their emotions from this exciting time.

The beautiful mama-to-be met up with me on a cold and sunny day in January. For her snowy forest maternity session mom stayed bundled up until the last minute. I have lots of tips and tricks for staying warm at Winter sessions, nobody is cold for very long. The session started with mom wearing her own warm outfit. Casual outfits are perfect for clients who enjoy candid photos of themselves. The temperatures were low so we kept moving throughout the session and switched up the poses often.

A second outfit at the snowy forest maternity session

The session planning included choosing a second outfit from my maternity collection to wear. Mom first chose a list of favourites from the studio and we picked the ones that fit her best. I brought along gowns with me on the day of her snowy forest maternity session so that she could change into one. The colour and fit of the gown we chose was beautiful on her! The navy colour against the white snow pops against the backdrop and shows off her belly really well.