Things to do in Navan: I hope that when you visit the studio, you’ll set aside extra time to visit the amazing businesses in the town where I grew up.

If you’ve visited my studio, you will know I have a collection of beautiful plants in the waiting area. The plants are also used for branding sessions and seasonal sets. All of the plants are from Roberte Plante Greenhouses. In 2021 they completed an addition of several new spacious greenhouses. Their selection of plants is incredible and the greenhouses are fun to explore with kids. The greenhouses are also dog friendly!

Spa & Cafe

I can see Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre from the studio. Their cozy space inside the beautiful white farmhouse is a quiet retreat from the city. I had a wonderful experience when I booked a pedicure. You can book your appointments online and when your visit, make sure you stop at the Perks Cafe inside the spa. The café has delicious hot and cold treats and locally made fresh baking!

Food & Wine

Growing up, J T Bradleys was where I visited to rent movies and buy treats. It’s now a General Grocer, Beer Store, LCBO, and sells locally made fresh meals and treats. My husband will often stop by at the store to buy locally made beer on his way back from the studio. It’s also a convenient stop when we are heading back from exploring the walking trails east of Ottawa.

You will pass Lavergne Western Beef if your trip to the studio takes you down the Blackburn Hamlet Bypass. Located on Navan Road, Lavergne’s sells fresh local meat and often has great deals on different products. We started shopping there on a regular basis in early 2020.

People are often surprised to find out that Navan has its own winery, Domaine Perrault. They host weddings and large group events but they also have patio packages if you’re looking for a night out!