Branding photos and headshots are about amplifying your business’ services and products; connecting with other businesses and clients; and creating unity and cohesiveness for your professional identity. Whether you’ve been in business for twenty years or you’re just starting out in the world of work or entrepreneurship, up-to-date and current headshots and branding photos are a must have.

Why Branding Photos?

A Branding Session includes both posed and candid headshots as well as a cohesive collection of one-of-a-kind stock photography images that can be used across your social media channels and marketing materials.

Share your brand’s identity

A Branding Session goes beyond capturing your professional identity, it’s an opportunity to create a collection of images that you will use to shape and share your business’ value and purpose. Whether you provide a service or sell a product, the benefits of having a collection of images on hand that tell a story about you and your company are endless. 

Candid photos of yourself with your products, photos of some of your favourite things or tools you use at work, as well as shots of items that represent your brand and business values can all be combined to connect with clients and expand the reach of your business.

Sharing these images through blog posts, social media, newsletters, your website, and even print materials is a marketing strategy that is unmatched. A picture is always worth a thousand words!

Generic stock photography images cannot replace photographs that are unique to you, your business, and your brand. People buy from people; engaging and authentic images of you are what will help connect you with the clients who are the best fit for your business.

Elevate yourself and your company

Quality photos of yourself and for your business that you can share to your audience will elevate your level of professionalism. Visual connection is essential in today’s fast-paced digital world. You have seconds to capture the attention of clients and potential clients; this necessity requires personal and captivating images.

Save time

Creating content for your social media and other marketing streams can be time consuming, especially when you don’t have the space, knowledge of light and photography, or the time to learn a new skill.

Branding Sessions are a one-and-done experience; your investment in a professional branding session will be rewarded with a collection of images that you can use for months and years across all platforms in your business. 

Using images from your branding session takes the guess work out of what to share on your marketing and social media channels. With a ready-made collection of images, you are guaranteed to have something to share even during the busiest weeks of your year.

Learn and Grow

We not only have a lot of fun during Branding Sessions but we’re also guaranteed to learn something too! 

As we work to plan and execute your Branding Session you will find that you will discover more about your brand and become more focused on what the goals are for your business.  As you think about how to express your brand’s personality and how you want people to feel when they think about you and what you’re selling I can guarantee you will deepen your understanding of your business. This understanding and reflection that you will make will help guide your intentions in the future. 

How do I know if it’s time to book a Branding Session?

  • If you’ve just opened a business that sells a service or product
  • If you own a business and your products or services have changed and you need to share the new direction that your business is taking
  • If you need stock photography of your products to use for marketing or sales
  • If you’re a social media influencer and you need to share a new project or partnership 
  • If you’re a creator and you want to increase awareness about what you do and who you are

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