How is Baby M one year old already? 

Most of you know this cutie’s mom because she’s the daughter of my fabulous assistant, Claudine, who comes with me to help out at many of my family and holiday sessions.

To celebrate her first birthday we decided that a cake smash was a must do activity at her first birthday session, we just knew Miss M would be eager and ready for the experience.

Before getting down to the main event I made sure to photograph her on her own for birthday portraits because I had a feeling she would soon be covered in icing and cake.

When we brought out the cake for Miss M she was curious about it at first but then very quickly had her fingers into the icing for a taste. The cake was a huge hit! As she tasted and explored her cake I photographed her excitement in being offered a cake all to herself. There is not much cuter than a one year old with their very own buttercream cake, the expressions on her face were adorable! 

Ottawa Cake Smash Photos