Baby toes, gnome hats, and newborn wrinkles are a few of my favourite things and this little guy’s newborn session had all of them. 

Baby N came into my studio for his newborn session at one week of age and he still loved being all curled up. When I’d pose him on mom and dad for photos together he would nestle in nice and close to them for snuggles.

He continued to show us just how comfy and cozy he was feeling on my posing cushion. I would position him so I could photograph all of his little features from different angles and he happily snoozed away on the different coloured fabrics his parents chose for his photos.

Baby N did not mind at all when I then moved him into props for adorable photos of him on grey and white. He loved the feeling of being wrapped up in my fabrics, he was such a happy and sweet little bear!

Ottawa Baby Photographer