I love getting to see this family for photos and this time they brought a special new member of their family for me to meet. Baby M is absolutely adorable and this newly a family of five cannot be any prouder! 

Her big brothers were so excited to introduce me to their new baby sister, they are already so good with her and very gentle. The boys were such good posers and listeners at their session they were free to head out of the studio to go play with dad soon after they arrived. Once the boys were finished with their photos they left mom and I with sweet Miss M for the remainder of the session. I turned up the heat in the studio to help keep baby warm for her photos and nestled her all cozy and comfortable onto my posing cushion. Mom and dad had selected a gorgeous mixture of soft pinks and creams along with a rich purple for their little girls’ fabric colours. Baby M slept away as I gently moved her into position to photograph her from all different angles. She was a joy to photograph and looked so very sweet all curled up. Congratulations to this lovely family of five, she is absolutely perfect!

Riverside South Newborn Photographer