For families who love the Fall but also the warmth, my Under the Apple Tree Sessions are an ideal choice for family photos. Before the leaves start changing in the Ottawa trees, the bright red pops of apples appear creating a beautiful and cheerful backdrop for sessions.

These gorgeous families and I met up on a sunny and warm evening under the apple trees this September both for a first family photo session and for others it was for updated family photos. It is never too late or too early to have a family photo session, these memories will be treasured for a lifetime!

The tiny little red apples were plentiful this year. They almost looked like garlands in the trees with the shiny and bright fruit sprouting all over the branches. Not only did the apples create a beautiful backdrop for photos, the fallen apples also gave us lots to gather and toss in the air for fun. Family photo sessions should always be this much fun!

Barrhaven Family Photographer