I had seen this cutie’s mom and dad only weeks before at their sunflower maternity session. What a difference just a few weeks makes! What was their eager anticipation the last time I saw them has turned into an intense love for their son. He’s absolutely perfect and was a wonderful treat to have in the studio for his newborn session.

For his first photos, mom and dad chose to have them taken on the posing cushion which is one of my favourite ways of capturing all of a baby’s unique features and their curled up newness. 

The warm and cozy earth tones of the fabrics and accessories we started off with helped accentuate that sleepy vibe little Mr A. was displaying when he first arrived. He was a cuddler and happily posed into my hands and onto the fabrics for adorable sleepy photos that captured all of his tiny little details: from his scrumptious back rolls to his tiny little toes and his amazing head of hair.

Baby A. seemed to have been keen to not miss out entirely on what was going on in the studio because part way through the session he woke up and decided that being awake was much more exciting. He curiously watched me as I continued to take his photos and chat to him, giving us the best of both worlds in his gallery: sweet, sleepy newborn photos and wide eyed portraits of his handsome face.  

Orleans Newborn Photographer