It was a pleasure to meet Baby B and his parents at his newborn session this August for their first photos together as a family of three. 

We started their session with photos of them holding their new addition to the family. Every baby is so different in their preferences and personalities, right from the start, and it’s always interesting to see how each baby likes to be held when posing them. Baby B was a tall little guy who loved to stretch out his legs so mom and dad cuddled up with him for photos with his legs free to kick and stretch.

I was warned that little Mr. B is not a fan of being undressed but with the heat turned up in the studio and my hands ready to soothe him I managed to convince him that sleeping on the posing cushion was a wonderful idea. I posed and photographed him quickly while he was asleep on the posing cushion as I knew I only had so much time before he realized he wasn’t dressed and would wake up. After posing asleep ever so sweetly for adorable sleepy photos he awoke so I loosely wrapped him to keep him a bit covered and feeling dressed. He did not want to miss a thing and followed my voice and camera as I continued photographing him with his bright eyes open and watching. A newborn baby often can’t focus their eyes very much but Baby B has his gaze down quite well already. As I moved him into my different newborn sized props for more photos of him alone he continued to take it all in and gave my camera many different facial expressions to capture.

Orleans Newborn Photo Session