Where are sessions taking place?

Sessions will all take place at my 700 square foot professional photography studio, located at 3417 Trim Road.

Will there be other families in the studio with us?

No, we will schedule sessions so families do not come into contact with one another.

How do I book my session?

Sessions are booked online in the boutique starting on September 28th at 9am.

How do I pay for my session?

Payment of a deposit is required to secure your session spot with the balance due the week your session is scheduled to take place. 

Why are so many sessions already booked when the VIP link was just sent out?

Front of the Lens clients, who pre-purchase a package of family sessions that take place over the course of the calendar year, get priority booking for all of my sessions. Front of the Lens packages are the only way to guarantee space in my schedule for all my most popular sessions.

I’m not available on the date for the type of session I want.  Can I book the same session on a weekday or another date?

Sessions are only available on the dates listed.

What happens if we can’t come on the day of our session due to illness?

All clients will complete a screening questionnaire before their session. Individuals have a hard time smiling and having fun at a session when they’re not feeling well.  Illness policies also protect our team from the disruption of illness. If clients arrive for their session with symptoms of an illness, the session will not go ahead and the non-refundable session booking fee is used as payment for the appointment.

Sessions postponed due to illness and/or quarantine cannot be guaranteed to be rescheduled with the same theme or set.   

Holiday Sessions that are rescheduled will be offered an alternate holiday themed session (if available) or priority booking for a session at a later date.

Are masks required in the studio?

If the session is just for your children and parents are not in the photos, attending parents must wear a mask during the session. Sara and her assistant will be wearing KN95 masks. You can read my current studio policies on my website here.

As I cannot “work from home” when I am sick, protecting my own health means I can continue to offer sessions without inconveniencing clients with last minute schedule changes.  Given that the majority of my sessions are time sensitive (newborn, maternity, birthday), this is critically important to ensure the long term sustainability of my business.

What is included in my session?

Both digital images (in colour) and prints, are included in your session fee. The number of digital images and prints included depends on which session you book.

When will we see the images from our session?

You will be provided with a viewing gallery within 72 hours of your session.  The gallery will be available for 3 days and once your selections have been made you will receive the final digital images, via digital download, in 3-5 business days.

Is 10-20 minutes really enough time?

Absolutely.  I have photographed nearly 4500 sessions and work with amazing assistants.  Families return to me again and again because I work quickly, I make the process fun and enjoyable, and I know how to create beautiful artistic memories in a short period of time.  

What happens if we are running late to our session?

If you are late for your session, your session will be not rescheduled and you will not receive a refund for your session time.

What do we wear?

I provide my clients with detailed suggestions on what to wear and how to prepare for their sessions.

Can we change outfits during our session?

You are more than welcome to bring festive hats / mitts, a beautiful blanket, Santa hats or reindeer antlers to add during the session.  It is not possible to change your entire outfit during your session.

Our priority during sessions is to keep children happy and engaged; changing outfits more often than not results in frustration, tears, and feelings of impatience with the photo session process.

How do I change my session date and time?

Please make sure to choose your session date and time carefully as sessions cannot be rescheduled or switched for other session types. Before booking your session please confirm that your partner and children are available on your preferred date and that the session doesn’t interfere with travel or recreation plans (e.g., swimming lessons, hockey tournament).   

What props do you provide?

I provide small holiday props for children to hold (e.g. non-breakable Christmas balls) but clients are welcome to bring their own holiday props (e.g., small holiday toys, Christmas ornaments).

Can grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles come to the session?

Holiday Sessions are for immediate family members only (parents and their children).

What if my baby isn’t sitting up?

I have a variety of props and furniture that I incorporate into the sets so little ones can be photographed posed and/or propped up.

Can we bring our dog to the session?

For safety reasons, pets are not allowed in the studio.