There’s not an age I don’t love photographing, every age and stage of childhood and youth is incredible. As my children get older I appreciate more and more just how amazing every stage of development is and I love helping to capture for my clients their children’s changing personalities as they grow. From gummy smiles to first toddles on two feet to big kid grins, I love to photograph it all!

On a gorgeous evening in August I met up with these awesome kids and their parents in the Ornamental Gardens. Ottawa is so fortunate to have such a beautiful place for us to visit and explore. The volunteers take such great care of the garden beds and with all of the varieties of flowers there are in the gardens we had so many beautiful and interesting flowers to look at during our sessions together. The gardens were a hit with the children so while we started with some posed family and sibling photos I was happy to follow the little ones’ lead for some fun candid shots of them exploring and playing with their families.

Kanata Family Photographer