What a treat it was to see these families again at their sessions in the Arboretum this July!

Photographing children year after year is such a wonderful experience, I love getting to watch so many little humans grow up behind my camera. Because I have been a photographer for over ten years now it means I have had the privilege of watching babies grow up into big kids and toddlers turn into teenagers. 

I can’t believe how much everyone has grown since just last year! It’s always neat to see my little clients become taller than me and it won’t be much longer now until the oldest is above my head.

These families were up for a lively and playful session which was perfect under the shade of the large trees of the Arboretum and in the wide open grassy spaces. We still posed for photos but we also had lots of running, dancing and ball kicking to do. Photo sessions make the best memories when they’re full of fun and play!

Ottawa Family Photographer