Do you remember Baby Yoda? He’s now one and full of fun!

After having newborn photos with Baby Yoda and then 4th and 8th month milestone photos with the toy too, mom and dad definitely wanted to bring Baby Yoda along for a special birthday photo with their not-so-little-anymore Mr. T. 

Standing next to his toy you can tell how much he’s grown in just one year since his newborn session. To see photos of him when he was only four months old, click here. His 8th month photos can be seen here.

When we have our sessions together we always like to make sure to include updated family photos and also shots with big brother and mom and dad. Having photos together every session has been a beautiful way to capture Mr. T’s development and the boys’ growing relationship. 

After family photos we turned the spotlight on the birthday boy for festive balloon photos and for cake. He was a great cake taster and loved his icing! The excitement only grew when big brother came for a taste too. They so sweetly shared the cake but without a fork on hand the birthday boy’s big brother dove right in face first. The expression on Mr. T’s face as his brother took a bite out of his cake was hilarious!

Happy birthday little one, you have been a joy to photograph over your first year and I can’t wait to see you again.

Ottawa Baby Photographer