How cute is this one year old?!

Balloons, a cake, a toy truck, and warm, sunny skies; there is no better recipe for a great first birthday session! We had so much fun in the forest celebrating his big milestone.

Mr. L is now one and full of curiosity and a sense of wonder. One year olds are fun to watch, it always seems like they are taking in so much from the world around them. This little guy was so interested in what I was doing with my camera that he kept an eye on me while he played with his truck.

After photos with balloons and with his truck, mom and dad brought out a cake just for him. Mr. L was not shy about taking a taste and once he realized how delicious it was he was keen to dive right in for another taste. The expressions on his face as he realised that it’s all for him are too cute for words. He loved his cake!

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