The pandemic has been an incredibly stressful time for all of us, including our children.  My goal, moving forward, is for our sessions to be as joyous and as stress-free as possible. What exactly does this mean? 

  • We are going to focus on choosing outfits and hairstyles that are comfortable and don’t require adjustments.
  • We are going to focus on enjoying the session time while I take photos of you interacting with your family.  I encourage families to bring favourite books, toys, blankets, and other beloved activities.  
  • We are going to let go of our expectations for perfection and focus on beautiful, happy memories of the people we have been staying home to protect. 

How will Covid impact my Spring or Summer Session?

  • Our focus is still on making sure your session is the best possible experience, which means we are available every step of the way to help you plan for your session, including what to wear and what to expect.
  • We will still have toys to capture attention and garner laughs. 
  • When provincial restrictions allow for it, one of my assistants will be with me at sessions to help me capture the most beautiful smiles and loving moments. 
  • Session locations will continue to be chosen based on accessible parking, a variety of backdrops, and in low traffic areas to reduce distractions and contact with others.

What are your Covid safety protocols for Spring and Summer Sessions?

  • My husband and I had our first vaccine in mid-April. My two eldest sons had their first vaccines at the end of May. We continue to adhere to public health guidelines and reduce our risk of exposure.
  • We will remain at least 10 feet apart for the duration of the session. 
  • Upon request, I will wear a mask for the duration of your session (if temperatures permit).
  • We will hold off on hugging, handshakes, and high fives.  There will be no physical contact during sessions.  Our enthusiasm and excitement will bridge the distance, I promise. 
  • We will not make any hands-on adjustments to hair, clothing, or poses.  We will give verbal cues and directions as well as demonstrate what we are asking you to do.  
  • We won’t be sharing props or blankets however you are more than welcome to bring your own items to the session.

What is your session illness policy?

Sessions will be postponed if anyone in your household is:

  • sick in the 14 days leading up to your session
  • is under quarantine after contact with suspected or positive cases of Covid at work, daycare, or school

All clients are required to complete a screening questionnaire before their session to protect everyone’s health and safety.   Screening requirements are regularly updated with the evolving Ottawa Public Health policies.  

Due to the time limited nature of Spring and Summer Sessions and unpredictable weather, I cannot guarantee that your session can be rescheduled to your preferred date, time and location.