Mr. S is one! Celebrating this little guy’s first birthday was a wonderful way to spend a warm Spring afternoon. In the early Spring it can be a bit more challenging to find greenery but thankfully Ottawa has lots of different areas with beautiful evergreens for us to meet under for his first birthday session.

I last saw Mr. S at his Holiday Session and he has grown and changed so much already since then. He’s definitely a toddler now; on the move and curious about everything.

He was so excited when we pulled out the birthday balloons for him to play with. I can turn just about any prop into a game with toddlers but a shiny balloon is especially fun for little ones. 

The fun didn’t end with balloons as we had a special birthday treat for Mr. S to try. We never know just how a baby will react to cake and if they’ll want to eat it or even touch it so I was curious to see what would happen when Mr. S was given his cupcake. It was fun to see him not only interested in touching it but also eager to taste it. The cupcake looked delicious so I’m not surprised he was keen to dive in, what a great birthday surprise! 

Ottawa Baby Photographer