This special session was just for mom and baby and they dressed up to the nines for their photos together. Mom looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and the baby tux was too adorable for words. The red carpet look was such a wonderful and unique idea for their session!

Four months of age is a great time to come for updated photos of baby. It’s one of my favourite milestone age sessions because of all of the expressions babies have. At four months of age Baby M. did not disappoint; he had lots of smiles and smirks and curious looks for his mother and I. 

After capturing some dapper photos all dressed up, mom changed Mr. M into a bunny outfit for adorable and fun first Easter photos. I think my favourite photo of this cutie has to be the one of him with his carrot and the sweetest little smirk on his face, what a perfect photo to mark his first Easter!

Ottawa Baby Photographer