For the past six years on April 11th I have photographed a very special little girl. I watched her enter the world on April 11th, 2016. I took her first birthday photos on April 11th the following year. We celebrated her second birthday on the 11th three years ago. Two years ago on her 3rd birthday we looked at the same book and used the same floral backdrop that we had used for all her previous sessions.

Then Covid happened. Last year on April 11th I had my first virtual photography session for her birthday photos. I set up my laptop in the studio, with the floral backdrop behind my computer, and we took her fourth birthday photos “together but apart”. You can see the photos from our virtual session here.

Never could I have imagined that our birthday session this year would be interrupted once again by Covid. On April 1st when the government announced the “Emergency Brake” measures, I had to postpone all my April studio sessions. When her mom and I were chatting that evening I asked if there was any way they could make it to the studio the next day, Good Friday, before my studio closed on April 3rd at 12:01 am.

They arrived at 10 am the next day and were my last studio session before the third lockdown. We made plans to connect on April 11th to take our traditional birthday photos over Zoom but I was so happy I got to see them in person before our virtual birthday celebration.

The past year has meant a lot of last minute changes to the sessions I offer, my schedule, and dozens and dozens of sessions have had to be postponed and rescheduled. I am eternally grateful for families, like this one, who are so patient and kind as me and my team do our best to navigate the ever evolving policies and restrictions.

This morning we met on Zoom and I got to take photos of her in her 5 year old shirt. She told me about her plans for the day and was giddy with excitement about turning 5. I said that next year I really hoped we could see each other on her birthday and she gave me a giant thumbs up.

Here’s hoping for an uneventful 2022 birthday session!

Ottawa Family Photographer