This year I will be offering three types of Outdoor Spring Sessions during the months of May and June! Read on for all the details.

How do I book my session?

Booking your session can all be done online in my boutique. I know you’re busy so we make it as easy as possible to choose and book your session date and time. You don’t have to wait to see if you got the date and time you wanted and there is no back and forth emails and delays. Sign up to my VIP List and the booking links to all my sessions will be sent straight to your inbox.

Do I have to pay for my session in full?

No. Only a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your session space. 

Why are most of the sessions scheduled for early morning or late afternoon and early evening?

The bright sunlight midday limits the places we are able to take photos because the higher the sun is in the sky, the fewer places we are able to take photos (full sun = sweaty faces, squinting eyes, shiny skin).  It’s important to me to make sure my clients look fantastic but also that we have as many places as possible to take photos. As the sun gets higher in the sky, we run out of options for backdrops.

What happens if it rains?

One of the reasons I offer only a limited number of sessions each month is because of unpredictable weather.   For each block of sessions I schedule I also have to schedule a backup date, in case of inclement weather, as well as at least 1-2 days per month in case Mother Nature is especially uncooperative.  Because I know my clients are busy, your backup session date and time is included in the session listing.

Unlike previous years, as a result of Covid, the weather forecast has become more and more unreliable. In addition to data from satellites, the forecasting systems also rely on information collected by planes and cruise ships. Because this data is not available, we are unable to accurately forecast whether it will or won’t rain on the day of your session, even a few hours before your session. Please be prepared that you may get ready for your session, under sunny skies, and still end up having to postpone your session at the last minute due to rain.

Can grandparents and cousins participate in the session?

Outdoor Spring Sessions are for immediate family members (parents and their children).

Why are there no specific locations listed for each type of session?

For all sessions, I let clients know their exact session location with directions the day before their session so that they can plan their route. I don’t select locations until as close as possible before our session for several reasons: to ensure there are no road closures the day of our session; to check for nearby construction that may limit parking or access to a location; and to ensure that the area I choose has beautiful greenery and/or flowers.  Other factors I also consider are an excessive number of bugs due to nearby standing water or whether or not the area is busy at the time of day I have chosen. If you’re curious about how I choose my session locations, I wrote a blog post all about the process!

Spring in the Forest and Spring Blossom Sessions will take place in East – Central Ottawa.

What are the session options?

There are two session options:

  1. 15 minute Memories Session ($299+HST)- for families with 3 people OR a session that is just for your children.  Includes 5 edited and retouched digital images of your choice in colour and black & white as well as 3 gift prints. 
  2. 20 minute More Memories Session ($345+HST)- for families with more than 3 family members. Includes 8 edited and retouched digital images of your choice in colour and black & white as well as 3 gift prints.

What Spring Sessions are available in 2021?

There are three session options available.

Spring Blossoms

Perfect for families who:

-want a beautiful floral backdrop for their photo session.
-have a very flexible schedule and don’t mind last minute changes to the date and time of their session. The blossoms flower for a very short period of time that varies by several weeks each year. Your session may need to move earlier or later by a week.
-families who love the idea of a playful and fun Spring Session

Available on May 26th and 29th (late afternoon / early evening sessions). The rain date is the same time the following day. Clients must be available for both dates.

Spring in the Forest Sessions

Perfect for families who want:

-to have space to move around during their session for different backdrops and to play and run
-a backdrop for their session that will look great no matter where they display the photos
-a versatile backdrop for any style of outfits

Available on June 5th (afternoon), 10th (morning), and 15th (afternoon). The rain date is the same time the following day. Clients must be available for both dates.

Spring in the Arboretum

Perfect for families who want:

-a unique yet timeless backdrop
-a central Ottawa location for their session
-don’t mind walking a little bit farther to their location from where they parked (e.g., 10 minute walk)

Available on June 3rd (morning) and 12th (afternoon). The rain date is the same time the following day. Clients must be available for both dates.