This sweet big sister was so excited to be at the studio with her adorable new baby brother. I first met big sister at her own newborn session not even two years ago and even being rather little herself she did an amazing job at his newborn session. There were lots of smiles and laughter from her and even a sweet kiss for baby E.

After family photos together and after everyone had a turn cuddling up with their newest addition Dad and big sister headed out of the studio while I started on baby’s individual newborn photos. 

For Mr. E’s photos on the posing cushion, I layered the light coloured neutrals mom and dad enjoy with accents of one of their favourite blues and earthy browns. He looked so peaceful lying asleep on his side on the cushion, it was the perfect position for capturing all of the details of his face and hands.

For Mr. E’s photos in props, I continued the soft, neutral look with similar tones of fabrics laid in the props and wrapped around him. All of the photos from their session will look gorgeous displayed together in their home. 

Mr. E woke up a couple of times as I was transitioning him to different props but his light sleep meant that I was able to photograph different facial expressions, including a sweet, sleepy smile and a bright-eyed stare right at the camera. He must have been quite interested by my camera when he woke up because he took a good long look at it.

This family is always a joy to have in front of my camera so I’m excited to see them again soon for Mr. E’s 4th month milestone session to see how much he has grown and changed already. 

Ottawa Newborn Photographer