This sweetheart came for her newborn session at two and a half weeks of age and she still just loved being all curled up. Before their session mom and dad had told me that she liked sleeping with her hands up by her face but even if they hadn’t told me I would have figured it out very quickly. Whenever Miss E was not swaddled she would move her little hands towards her face as I posed her. It’s incredible how babies are born with so many preferences already. It’s always neat to see what positions a baby likes best as they’re always so different! Babies change so quickly so I like to capture their favourite positions in addition to all of their little details and features.

The colour palette mom and dad selected for Miss E’s session included mainly neutral colours but with pretty, soft pinks added in for a delicate touch of colour. The light colours of the fabrics they chose and her sweet, sleepy positions gave such a calm and dreamy look to her gallery.  

Ottawa Newborn Photographer