Mom and Dad were concerned it might be too late for her newborn photos as we left another provincial lockdown several weeks after this sweetie’s early arrival but we were all excited to be able to bring her into the studio at 5 weeks of age for her first photos. 

For Miss E’s newborn session, Mom and Dad selected to have her photos taken in props. Newborn photos taken in props are perfect for showing off how small baby is. Babies grow so quickly in that first year, it can be hard to believe later on how well they fit into my props in those first early weeks. This little peanut at 5 weeks of age still fit very well into my newborn props. 

As I settled her into my different props, I made sure to capture her delicate features in profile as well as her tiny fingers and toes. I know as our babies grow older, our memories of how baby looked when they were first born start to fade so it is wonderful to have these photos to look back on.

Ottawa Newborn Photographer