This was my first year offering Front Porch Sessions and I can’t wait to be back photographing more of these fun sessions as soon as restrictions lift in Ottawa. 

I know we’re all getting a little tired of being home so much but Front Porch Sessions are the perfect way to both remember these very different times and also a great way to celebrate the memories our families have shared together in our homes over the last year. Parents also just love how convenient it is when their session location is right at their door!

I love getting to see this fun family for their family photos every year and after welcoming them into the studio and meeting up with them at different outdoor locations over the past few years I was excited to meet up with them at their home.

All of the kids had grown so much since I’d seen them last! At times, this past year has seemed really long but when you look at time through the lens of a child and all of their growth and changes it seems like time is still just flying right by. 

After we took some updated photos of this lovely family together in front of their home we took a moment to capture a special shot of just mom and dad together. This has been quite the challenging year for parents and the support we provide each other in our families and in our community is something to be celebrated.

Ottawa Family Photographer